Algorithm that helps you make healthier food choises
It's difficult to pick healthy food. Distractions are everywhere. AI that reduce anxiety in choosing.
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Our approach is simple.
Imagine Grabhub app, with power of TikTok algorithm that chooses for your only best meals from hundreds of variants with 3 big ideas:

Healthy food.
Less stress.
More fun!

Our algorithm will analyze your foodfeed (from GrubHub, Uber Eats, or any other food delivery apps).
We all want to eat healthier and balanced diet. But with constantly distracted with... Well not perfect ones.

So, we've found a solution
On your screen you'll see dishes, that are perfect tailored for you.
Use your favorite app for delivery!
Let us do difficult part!

Your diet should be based on your lifestyle, your health goals, even on your commute patterns! Not mention how mush you sleep, your stres levels and allergies.
UDZU will tailor your foodfeed just for your unique persona
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Feeding the best version of you.